School Council

Why School Council?

Education is a partnership involving students, parents, teachers, principals, trustees, school boards, government, the school community, home, and parish.

School Council is an excellent way for parents, grandparents, or guardians to get involved and support our Catholic school community.


Our Mandate

  •      Promote Faith formation and student success in all of our schools
  •      Support, encourage and enhance meaningful parent engagement at the board level to improve student achievement and well-being
  •      Support our Catholic School Councils by providing activities that help parents support learning at home and at school
  •      Provide consultation to items that have been referred to Council by the Board


How can Parents be involved in their children’s education?

  •      Have a conversation with your child about their day
  •      Help with homework
  •      Volunteer at school
  •      Go on a field trip
  •      Cheer on School sports teams
  •      Be a reading hero by setting an example, reading your child’s assigned novels, asking questions about what they’re reading
  •      Get to know your child’s teacher
  •      Go to School Council meetings
  •      Know your School Trustee