Traffic Safety

John Paul II Catholic Secondary School

New Arrival and Departure Procedures for Bussing and Vehicles


The following regulations for traffic will be effective on February 6th, 2023. Please read carefully.


Regular Busses:

  • All regular school busses will now drop off and pick up students using the bus loop around the east parking lot
  • Only busses are now permitted to enter the bus loop
  • Please note the bus loop only permits one-way traffic
  • Buses that remain on site after morning drop-off are required to park along the north driveway of the bus loop


Specialized Transportation:

  • All specialized transportation will pick up and drop off students in front of the courtyard in between the stop signs


All other traffic:

  • All other traffic will now pick up and drop off students using the driveway in front of the school
  • Vehicles are not permitted to pick up or drop off students in front of the courtyard in between the stop signs. This area needs to be cleared for pedestrians and specialized transportation
  • Vehicles must park according to the two-way traffic flow
  • Vehicles must not be left unattended as the front of the school is a fire lane. If you need to park and enter the school, please use the east parking lot

No 3-point or U-turns are permitted anywhere on school property

Please monitor speed at 10km/h and come to a complete stop at all stop signs


Your efforts in adhering to the list above are very much appreciated and are meant to ensure the safety of everyone who accesses the school property and most importantly, our students.